Bezi XR Headset Experience

XR Tutorial

How to enter immersive mode

You can view your scene in the headset browser easily by following these steps:

  1. Open the Bezi file on your desktop (eg.

  2. Click on the ► Play button on the top right of the file with the "Headset" dropdown option

  3. In your headset browser, go to and follow the instructions in the popup

Controller navigation

  • Left controller thumbsticks: Move forward / backwards

  • Right controller thumbsticks: Move up / down, rotate left / right

  • Triggers: Pull both triggers to reset your position to origin

Play Mode only:

  • Squeeze both grip buttons to reset all interactions


My scene isn't showing up or part of them are missing in XR.

  • We’ve noticed that this issue is mainly caused by unstable internet connection. Please check your internet / wifi connection and try again. If you still aren't able to see them, contact us at

My frame rate in VR is slow. How can I improve this?

  • There can be several reasons why the scene is slow in XR. Here are some recommendations to optimize your scene for XR:

    1. Turn off shadows: In the right side bar, try turned off Shadows to optimize performance for XR.

    2. Check the size of the models you imported. If the 3D models in the scene are heavy (poly count and image texture sizes), this may have an impact on the performance. Try another model or optimizing the size of the file before importing it in.

  • Learn more about Optimizing your Scene for XR