Bezi has currently integrated Luma AI, Inc. (referred to as Luma AI) to add 3D asset generation capabilities into your workflow. Here are frequently asked questions.

What is Luma AI?

Luma AI is a 3D generative asset AI model.

How does Luma AI work within the Bezi platform?

Luma AI integrates into the Bezi platform, allowing users to generate 3D assets directly within the Bezi platform. Users input asset specifications — or prompts — into the designated prompt line, and Luma AI generates corresponding 3D assets based on those inputs.

Where do the assets generated by Luma AI come from?

The assets generated by Luma AI are created using a combination of user inputs and AI algorithms.

What types of prompts can I input into Bezi AI?
You can input a wide range of prompts into Bezi AI, including descriptions of objects, desired styles, themes, and other specifications related to your scene or project. The more detailed and specific your prompt, the more accurate the generated asset.

Prompts that are considered NSFW will be blocked by Luma AI; offensive and/or pornographic assets will be reported and removed from the Bezi asset library. If you see content that is not safe, please report

Why is my content being moderated?
The content moderation filter is based on Luma AI’s standards; it is an automatic process that scans text prompt inputs and the resulting outputs for anything that is not allowed.

Specific categories of automatically blocked content include:

  • Nudity, obscenity, or overly provocative content

  • Violence

  • Gore, blood, or other viscera

  • Sexually explicit content

  • Offensive subject matter

Because content moderation is through Luma AI, Bezi will likely not be able to immediately enact and make content moderation changes, but rather will deliver this information to Luma AI for the long-term improvement of their content moderation systems.

How are credits used in the integration of Luma AI with the Bezi platform?
Credits are utilized to initiate the generation of 3D assets and refine them. Each time a user initiates the generation of an asset by entering a prompt and clicking the “Generate” button, one credit is deducted from their account. Additionally, refining generated assets also incurs a credit cost.

How do I get more credits?
You can purchase credits through in-app purchases and participating in special challenges or events.