Create faster, together

Create faster, together

Create faster, together

Design 3D apps and games faster than ever before with Bezi.

Design 3D apps and games faster than ever before with Bezi.

Design 3D apps and games faster than ever before with Bezi.

The fastest way for teams to design 3D apps and games together

Design and prototype 3D experiences for desktop, mobile, and headset

Build your prototype on desktop, review on-the-go on mobile, and open the immersive prototype in your VR headset or mobile AR. Bezi is designed to be cross-platform out of the box.

Powerful 3D design tool that feels familiar

Bezi is inspired by 2D design tools, which means that even without 3D expertise, you can start creating quickly.

Built for teams—with live collaboration, review tools, and integrations

We know real work is done in teams. Invite your team to a file to collaborate together in real-time, review, and handoff to devs.

Trusted by top design teams

  • Kyungmin K.

    Design Manager @ Nuro

    At Nuro, we strive to improve the 3D design process to be more collaborative and inclusive. We love how Bezi makes it easy to create and share ideas with other designers and engineers.

  • Jess L.

    Sr. Designer @ Google Lens

    Bezi makes it so easy to iterate and test. You can have people interact with your design and give feedback, which makes the whole design process faster to validate. Instant preview in VR simply with a URL is so exciting.

  • Jakub D.

    Director @ Stainless Reality

    Bezi is growing by the day. Highly recommend that you check out Bezi if you have even a casual interest in 3D tools. It is already having a major impact on my projects!

  • Karen C.

    Designer @ Meta

    I'm a product designer at Meta working on solo work experiences for Horizon Workrooms. I've been experimenting with Bezi and I'm OBSESSED!

  • Dilmer V.

    Founder @ LearnXR

    If you are looking to get into XR as a designer or even a programmer then check out Bezi which will allow you to quickly prototype an amazing XR experience that works with multiple platforms (AR/VR)!

  • Karen S.

    Founder @ Old Hara Studios

    I love Bezi so far and plan to continue using it for my 3D software business as I work with clients. Right now I have to chat in Slack and upload 3D scenes from Unity to Github in order for a client to test, and this software eliminates that need.

  • Etienne G.

    Researcher @ OICL

    Bezi radically simplifies our 3D prototyping pipeline by removing the need for a game engine to generate VR ready scenes, and adds a whole new layer of collaborative features in the process.

  • Ruby C.

    Designer @ Amazon Lab126

    I wish Bezi existed five years ago when I started designing XR experiences! An interactive prototype is worth a thousand storyboard sketches. With Bezi, we're speeding up concepts and making more & better iterations!

  • Simon D.

    Designer @ Vard

    If you are just getting started I would give Bezi a shot. It lets you prototype without actually learning code or having to deal with downloading the right packages etc. As a designer, using RealityKit has been very challenging.

  • Simon F.

    Designer @ Doublepoint

    Bezi is such a gift for rapid prototyping in 3D 😍🥰 no code, no Unity, no troubleshooting. Just connected with your designer mindset!

  • Michele C.

    UX Designer @ Omnium

    Just discovered Bezi, and I have to say: this is the tool I've been searching for!! I've worked on 3D game projects using Figma, Gravity Sketch, and Unity, but Bezi appears to be the game changer!

  • Du H.

    Design Lead @ Unity

    Bezi is literally Figma for 3D. The future is now.

Powerful features for 3D workflows

Design 3D scenes on a spatial canvas and add interactions and animations. Open it on any device. Collaborate with your team.

Real-time collaboration

Jump into a file with your team and iterate together.

Figma integration

Bring Figma frames into your design and keep them in sync.

Import 3D models

Drag and drop GLB, FBX, and OBJ files from other programs into Bezi.

Components with Overrides

Reuse components across files and share them with your team.

3D Interactions and Animations

Make compelling 3D prototypes using our State Machine and Timeline feature (beta). All without a line of code.

AR/VR Headsets

Prototypes you build in Bezi will work across desktop, mobile AR, and VR headsets right out of the box.

Mobile AR

Build prototypes for mobile AR in Bezi. Share with a link.

Command Center

Just start typing to access and activate any command in the app.


Import materials or make your own using different material types.

Team Folders & Libraries

Create a team, invite collaborators, and control permission settings.


Add cameras in the scene to save views and include them as bookmarks in the prototype.

bezel comments
bezel comments
bezel comments


Add pinned drawing comments for faster and more accurate feedback.

embed bezi projects on web
embed bezi projects on web
embed bezi projects on web

Embed on Web

You can easily embed your published prototype on the web.

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