Design Review with Bezi

Easily move design forward, faster—share the link, get better visibility into progress, leave comments, and iterate together.

Design Review for Spatial Design

3D Design Workflow

Designers and collaborators can iterate fast in Bezi by having one centralized place for design and reviews. Get feedback and see live updates in real-time in any device!

Design Review for AR

Send your project link to your collaborators, get pinned feedback in the file, and explore ideas in AR together in real-time. Bezi makes the feedback and iteration loop 10x faster.

Design Review for VR

Explore different options with your collaborators and get pinned feedback in the file. Work together anywhere with live synced updates to the design on any device, including headsets!

Design Review for 3D Designers

Be the catalyst for innovation

From XR to UI, Bezi gives users to opportunity to be change-makers in the industry, bringing easily accessible tools to designers of all level, in any industry, to help propel them forward in their careers.

Collaborative 3D Design

Real-time collaboration starts with Bezi. Invite your team to a file to ideate together, share ideas, and collaborate.

Review on Any Device

Collaborators can open and experience the project in any device – desktop, mobile, and/or headset. Bezi is designed to be cross-platform out of the box.

Team & File Permissions

Assign permission settings for each contributor in the project. There are three levels of access for project: Editor, Reviewer, and Guest.

Etienne Gernez

Researcher @ OICL

Bezi radically simplifies our 3D prototyping pipeline by removing the need for a game engine to generate VR ready scenes, and adds a whole new layer of collaborative features in the process.

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How Spatial Designers are using Bezi


Exploring early forms, getting feedback, and seeing it in VR

Interior Design

Collaborative space planning, interior decor, and seeing it in VR


Video game concepting, prototyping, and design handoff


Designing interactive exhibits, event planning, concert and festival environments


Set design, planning special effects, and animated environments

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) Experiences

Designing interactive immersive AR/VR experiences with templates, instance previews, and body rig


Designing store layouts, visual displays, and interactive shopping

Real Estate

Showcasing residential and commercial developments with immersive experiences